Light up again..

As light recedes from the sky-line,
Shadow’s wings crave to embrace green cover.
Quivering lips of darkness yearn,
to kiss her lover.

This is dusk,
Here, light cast a shadow over vision.
When silence rules, they make love
in the dark corner of oblivion.

Ay, I am the darkness!

My veil covers the lines,
which divide all visible directions.
My dark blood dissolves all,
the divides that separate humanity.

If you proclaim light as your father,
then where is your mother?
Why have you forsaken me for so long,
for I am your mother, I am your mother.

Even before the dawn of mankind,
we stood by each-other.
Like angels and demons,
Verily like heaven and hell.

Light gives me strength,
and he takes mine.
Our love story is all about,
believing in one another.

Turn back, my son
and shed some light on your thoughts.
Half of you is made up of light,
and the other half is the deep reflection of me.

Still we converse as absolute equals,
so, hurry not to separate,
the just from the unjust.
And the good from the wicked.

As long as life on Earth dances with day and night,
my beloved and I, walk side by side.
Who are you to tear us apart?
Who are you to question myself ?

Oh dear son, it is better to light a candle,
than blame darkness.
It is always better to light a candle,
than blame your mother!


Thank you so much for this lovely recognition. I really appreciate the work that you guys do, and gladly accept the award. (Anthony)


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