Rescue me I am all alone here,
Set me free I need to see the world.
Help me to break this four colored walls of my room.
I walked many roads; but every road leads me back home.
Now I wanted to go home,
But not this planet we call home.


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Vyoma
    Mar 14, 2010 @ 03:58:31

    So sad…lonely people churns outs great poems…


  2. Mithila Layola
    Jul 24, 2011 @ 04:18:49

    Why you wanna walk alone when too many people are willing to walk with you?


  3. Vyomswan
    Jul 26, 2011 @ 07:26:01

    Loneliness amidst crowd….i really like the usage “they rather need a colt”.Another correction-the usage of pros and cons is not right.Lusty for mirage will be much better if it was substituted by “thirsty”.


  4. thingy
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 19:43:55

    “I’m ready to fly, but the weather is not really fine.” That is an amazing line. Good write.


  5. Sarah Johnston
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 23:05:10

    /this is so lovely and yes there are times I love to walk alone and it feels good then others when there is someone next to me depends on the place and time very lovely thanks


  6. Morning
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 23:52:14

    very elegant lines.


  7. fiveloaf
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 06:10:10

    great piece antomaniax.. tq for sharing.. my gooseberry..


  8. charlesmashburn
    Sep 20, 2011 @ 20:41:03

    You have captured the essence of lonliness and need quite well. Very nicely done.


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